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Accelerating Business Insights with Search and AI-Powered Analytics


Get faster answers to important business questions... even to the ones you haven't asked yet

These days, intelligent applications are shaping consumer experiences with their incredible ease of use and smart functionality, but getting answers to pressing business questions using existing analytics tools takes too long and requires specialist skills.

Join our webinar to learn how search and AI-powered analytics empowers everyone to get real insights from their data, so your company can make informed decisions faster and easier than ever before.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will see:

  • How search-driven analytics provides an intuitive, natural way to ask business questions
  • A faster path to simplifying complex analysis through automated discovery of insights powered by machine learning
  • Live demonstration of Tellius search and AI-powered analytics platform 


Your Hosts


Hardik ChhedaHardik Chheda

Head of Product at Tellius, Hardik's mission is to build the most intuitive interface for business analytics to accelerate improved decision making.



Alvin WongAlvin Wong

Head of Marketing at Tellius, Alvin has over 15 years of BI and SaaS application experience, and is dedicated to making complex data problems simpler for everyday business users.


The age of intelligent analytics


"Tellius represents the next evolution of intelligent analytics for big data for the masses. As a unified platform, Tellius has uniquely combined intelligent data prep, state-of-the-art analytics automation, and predictive & prescriptive analytics with the ability to operationalize custom machine learning algorithms for improved strategic advantage."

Jen Underwood, Leading Analyst in BI & Advanced Analytics